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TEGAKI Blog - 25周年 - ウメうめ’s Blog
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Drew a Sailor Moon in celebration of the upcoming Sailor Moon remake anime.
Drawn by Sailor Ry-Spirit
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I just started following me. Very soon, I will sing duets with myself, like Barbra Streisand.
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The Shadowbinder is the unofficial peace keeper between the Plaugebringer and the Gladekeeper. Because the Tangled Wood is right in the middle between the Scarred Wasteland and the Viridian Labyrinth, it acts as a sort of buffer between the two opposing Flights. If Plague or Nature flight wanted to act against the other they’d have to either have safe passage through Shadow Territory, or fight their way through and face the combined force of Shadow and the other flight, not to mention drawing the ire from the other Flights and their gods for upsetting the balance between Flights. And Since the Shadowbinder isn’t about to let either Nature or Plague over run her territory and start a war, the two basically have no choice but to leave each other alone.

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